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  2. Kevin Davis of Raw Porter #bweny

    Kevin Davis of Raw Porter #bweny (mp3)
  3. so five years in what does a brand advocate role look like?

    it’s taken five years to get to this point.

    by that i mean it feels that it’s taken me five years to be ready from a digital footprint space to be a brand advocate for technology and brands that i enjoy.

    the .tv advocacy has been an amazing validation of blogging and being a videoblogger. more and more companies are realising that they need advocates out in the digital frontier and ontheground at events fighting their corner for actual real life usage.

    every manufacturer is tightening up on r&d and development these days and companies/brands can be made or broken based on quality products and the background ethics of the business via social media channels in a moment.

    we live in a realtime, on demand world with a customer, consumer base of people globally that demand devices, technology and elements that help us live our lives. the true power of social media elements to the engagement of people in all chains of a business are here. it’s allowing anyone to connect with a brand and visa versa.

    my advocacy is quite simple. and that’s why it works well for me. it’s a paid blogger position that requires me to produce video media, blog posts or social network support as a remote advocate (read: almost a virtual worker invested in the companies projects and products) basically doing the things i’m already doing with fibrecamp but as part of a team of already well respected social media people who have been building up their own personal brands for the last few years.

    i’m very keen to show some of the more dynamic cleantech, greentech companies in nottingham how to do the things i do across a variety of services so they can get their message out about the products they are working on.

    it’s a really exciting arena - fusing together new technology, new ethical ways of working with technology that invests much needed thought about the ramifications of the devices they are making and how we use them.

    this makes for really interesting video content for the realtime web and opens up a new fibrecamp space that we are very keen to move into and document — i’m hoping we can use our .tv advocacy to launch a cleantech .tv channel for the east midlands and nottingham area.

    i think all companies that do business over the internet should have brand advocates even if just internal workers who have a clear outline of what they can do and say via social networks within the business all over the world in a digitally connected sense.

    it’s daytime somewhere in the world and people want information about your brand, do you have the right operatives in the right location?

  4. episode 26 - it’s boxing day, did you eat too much but get some awesome gifts?

    result.  you made it.

    how did it go, eat too much, still have a hangover? - maybe those back to back sessions infront of the television set catching up on all those movies was a mistake.  maybe best to back away from those chocolates right now and think about how your gonna get rid of all that wrapping paper right?

    so, boom! - you made it.  boxing day, day 26 and were at a loose end as to what to tell you about so instead of lining up a bunch of applications we thought we would pile through our archives and tell you about a bunch of websites and web apps that will help you plan and get ready for next year, sorta get you in the mode to start to feel your way into that 2012 set of resolutions that you have been writing.

    you have been writing them right?

    check out some of these today and see what you think — tomorrow i’ll be giving some pointers about how to get planning for that niche website or concept that you came up with late last night while sitting in the bath after a day of pure gorging.

    get your notes in one place, all of the time.  seriously, evernote is awesome.

    as a half way house between notes and tasks - the free wunderlist is brilliant (wunderkit will be awesome as well when that rolls out as well)  and works on everything.  pretty much.

    lemon and curdbee
    both of these are relatively new to me but i plan to use both of them in 2012 to get my finances on track they both look awesome. 

    i used hootsuite a lot for timed/scheduled released tweets.  i’m not saying to use it to just be a conversation spammer when your really not there.  don’t fake social if your not.  useful for setting up regular tweets on certain days and times if you know you need to push something out as part of a timed schedule, newsletter for instance.

    lovely charts
    again, i’m just discovered this — i like the idea of mind maps but they are not really suited to what i want to do in terms of process so i’m trying something new.  i quite like the way this works on the ipad.  the desktop version looks more advanced.

    pages and keynote
    i really like both of these on the mac desktop and i’m happy to say they are really quite powerful on the ipad too.  pages is especially nice on the ipad because it uses icloud.  i’m not sure if keynote has been updated to use icloud yet.

    using cloudapp (get a subscription, brilliant!) you can grab your files from the cloud, i host pdf, text, graphics and all sorts on there.  can also be used as part of your blog installation in terms of hosting images there in the cloud — think they use amazon s3 for storage

    now rest up that belly and onto the sites and links! :)

  5. episode 23 - why have one wifi network when you can take five with you - super cradlepoint mobility

    quicklink |

    CradlePoint’s Mission-Critical Broadband Router (MBR1400) takes the power and flexibility of our industry leading router, and when combined with an active high-speed wireless broadband data connection, gets your business network online in no time.

    i’m a lucky boy.

    i get to play with some great technology.  cradlepoint have been one of those early adopter supporters with me for a long while now i guess from when i started to use the phs300 three or so years back now.

    recently, they bought out a pretty impressive mobile hotspot router that allows for mission criticial fallover in the shape of support for FIVE devices - three usb dongles and two pcmcia card slots allowing for multiple cellular devices.

    for instance in the uk you could probably thrown in three, o2, tmobile and orange with a side order of giffgaff if you have a certain data package (still o2) as the fifth service.  alternatively you might want to mix it up and have some of those sim cards with european/american sims in so you can jump from country to country with different sim cards activated for those countries giving you ready to go connectivity without satellite uplinks and messing with expensive hotel wifi costs.

    sure, you could use something awesome like xcomglobal (and you such, they rock) but you might want to just go to that uber tech level.  this router is part of the solution to something i’m currently building called the ‘bandwidthinthebox’ - it’s been on my mind for a while and after seeing the ‘freedom tower’ kit in austin this year at occupy austin i’ve been wanting to build a mobility kit that can be picked up and dropped into a venue giving people connectivity in a super lightweight footprint.

    just wanted to share with you what awesome kit you can get out there these days! - why rely on one company/brand and cellular network when you can have more than one!

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  6. something new with episode 22 - hojoki to track cloud app updates in a group

    integrate your cloud apps into one personalized activity stream.  share your activities with team members and get instantly notified of theirs.

    today we are looking at hojoki, a cracking new web app that burst on the scene at leweb.

    while very cool little dashboard for ‘updates’ and commits and pushes of code bases (for instance it covers — beanstalk, github, pivotaltracker) but it also supports really interesting updating services like dropbox and twitter.  as of now it supports about ten services (no multiple twitter accounts thou) which is a nice way of keeping all your updates from those cloud services you use in one place.

    why mention this when we are all about video? - well, it’s good to complement those transfers and assets that you might need ‘ontheground’ at an event, if you have all your dropbox assets pulled together you can (at a glance) look for updates and additions.  if you run any of the plugins you’ll like this.  personally i’ve gotten used to jumping between a handful of tabs these days to make sure everything is flowing nicely.

    catch up with you tomorrow then for the 23rd and a bit of a walkthrough of the mbr1400 - an awesome mobility device that you’ll see me talking about and using more on location travelling between the uk and europe (might be the odd flight to the states in there too mind) to give me a mobile phat pipe for a variety of my projects.

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  7. v2 of my ipad app by kukuapps is taking shape - embeds and dynamic content

    just finished the frontend of the new v2 of the ipad app (in conjuction with kukuapps) to allow for people who are in a hurry to just scan the qr code (may have to replace that current one with a custom one when we finally push the final - james random is working on a custom one for me) to get a master list of everything i have done since 2005.

    i’m constantly able to update that qr link content because i’m using something called multiurl which allows me to put more urls and content instead of just one link.  i’m tracking that qr code with pro and a custom cname which gives me really granular control over that qr code via the api - got some interesting ideas forming for that actually for another project.

    we are aiming to get this pushed to a brand new developer account on the apple appstore.  i’m probably gonna stick a price of 69p on it just as an experiment.  i’m working closely with kukuapps as they roll out new versions of the codebase they are working on.  ultimately i’d like micro payment options within the app for me to record content for you (ie. ordering of reviews etc) and push notifications in some way - not sure how they look right now.

    it’s coming together thou, just gotta work on the embeds now and stick the html code for those embeds into the cloud.  this version of the app will also allow you to get direct to the livingark project content instead of us pushing another application just for that.

    let you know when it’s ready!

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  8. it’s that time again, you know november. video bloggers rise up

    well that hit me like a ton of lead.

    it’s november then, that illusion month that stalks you like a rabid david blaine of mystery that vanishes quicker than the thirty days it had planned.  everyone is rolling out videos, supposed thirty seconds but i kinda missed the mark on that one.  i’ll try to do better, i promise — expect random thoughts and true videoblogger spirit(s)

    and i thought i was going to have a css/html kind of month.

    lovely to see you all again.  go go, search out the mystical #vlomo11 over there and over here too — people actually making video with a camera, finally we all remember why we bought the thing in the first place.

    i feel this november may become rather twisted.

  9. so that was october them, rolling into late part of 2011

    it’s been really busy for the last month — flying over to sxsweco, doing a live stream at the local nottingham trent university for eco fashion and sass brown and then taking three days off up to exeter for the likeminds conference.  feels like my feet didn’t touch the ground.

    so, what’s happening where.  let me spend a few moments to give you a bit of a catchup and plan for the next few months.

    i’m still looking for that elusive car rental, hiring for twelve months - it seems that nobody does twelve months and i’m having a hard time finding the right lease company to work with - ideally we would find a car leasing company that wants to wrap the car with their message and we drive, stream and feed into their social media campaign for a year with our live video streams that would run from inside the car — i’m still looking.

    turning ideas into products
    anybody who knows me or follows what i do will know that i’m an idea factory — they fall out of me like digital waterfalls and over the years i have had to put the brakes on with what works and what does not.  recently i have found four main things i want to work on and my multitasking mind seems to be able to chip away at them.  recently i met a

    bunch of guys from exeter who i gelled with straight away and could see that their were at the starting point of business - i remember those days.  they are twin team, lightweight and lean and ready to go.  more on developments on that as they unfold.

    preorder sales of the nomad jackets
    the jacket preordering pages are up on ulule.  we are offering the first ten jackets an exclusive price of £250 for the first batch to raise interest — the next £300 and the final full price of £350 for all future orders.  get in quick if you want the better pricing.  we are working on v3 of the jacket in november (jamie contact me!) and are looking at a better finish, better ventilation and finally that fabric qr code.

    double stitching and finishing of the final product also need review — the packaging side has taken a bit of a backseat but we are considering lots of recycled products turned into holdalls and bags for your unique jacket.

    fibrecamp upgrades
    we need a new mac pro, it’s getting old — so old in fact that final cut x will not install on it because the graphics cards are antique.  my rebuilt macbook pro has a new hd but cannot have the latest lion os on.  it’s time therefore to start upgrades.  the studio space itself has been a bit quiet over the last month as i’ve been away and we need to move towards a more standalone operation that does not require me to be managing it.

    we have a carpenter (finally) coming in to put our side table in so we can start to do courses within the space.  new sets of lighting and cameras are currently being looked into as well.

    ark progress
    we have a new date of january 2012 — it’s a long story but this money that was supposed to be there never happened and so other sponsors needed to be sourced, it’s been a long time coming but we do believe now that things can happen.  we have got this far it’s just getting the production schedule together and ticking boxes.

    i’m really ready to get going on it all but i really need transport so i can drop in weekly at conkers to talk about the site and help out where needed.  i even had a conversation with a guy recently that has a satellite truck in nottingham that might be useful to do some ‘ontheground’ live streams from the forest.

    charity work has taken a hit
    so with everything that’s been going on for the last three weeks it’s been hard to commit to anything really in the charity arena which is frustrating but to be expected.  kinda feel i’m waiting for them to have some people step forward from the spread out offices to at least try making some content that we can get together on and brainstorm what works and what does not — when the side studio table is made in fibrecamp that will make a difference because that means we can bring people over lunch to do some training in the building — hands on.

    watch tv brand advocacy
    this has been going well actually, it’s actually really good for me getting on top of schedules — having that constant monthy note taking format from recording tweets that i’m putting out with the watchdottv hashtag on to videos and blog posts that i’m writing about and it was great to go ontheground at wearelikeminds to capture the vibe in terms of how people are applying video to there business.

    building and redesigning themes for
    this is the thorn in my side at the moment, i’m trying to get up (brand new theme) that will be simple enough that we can make a similar device that works on the ipad and has all those whizbang features of being able to spin the device left and right.  i’m also in the process looking at the fibrecamp show pages which have never been quite right.  it’s all getting a bit of a makeover.

    ontheground work picking up
    as i mentioned above the ontheground work has been crazy - i was in austin, then at the ntu back in nottingham then headed on a train down to exeter for three days, i felt like i was living out of the ammobox for those three weeks.   i feel i have november to get things together now.  four weeks flys by, especially at this time of year.  before we know it christmas will be upon us.

  10. refresh friday - 14th October 2011

    refresh friday - 14th October 2011 (mp3)

  11. testing out new wistia feature pre-roll countdown with periphery

    quicklink | periphery, tweetperview and the new preroll tool

    super productive day today and i’ve recorded another batch of webperiphery finally after what seemed like forever (actually four months - scary) - part of the problem was the ‘not enough tshirts quandary’ of trying to record content in bulk from existing notes that i had been putting together in wunderlist offline (as in, away from the computer!)

    so, something new to play with.  the preroll tool is a new tool from wistia that allows you pass a project of intros (preroll) to play before the video plays.  this is neat in that we do not have to bolt the pre-roll onto the video and that video performs as the iframe worked before.  super cool and quite easy to use.  i say quite, because we can always have more right? :)

    i’m hoping that tweetperview will update for the wistia iframe so you can have the overlay over that iframe because this way we can’t post the html as before so we lose that feature overlay i talk about in ep22 if we use this new pre-roll countdown system (which already i like)

    i’ve been thinking how this could be used on the ground too in terms of mobile media making and triggering a bunch of actions for a pipeline for those clips that do not need to be edited but still have some level of branding or intro on them.

    one way would be to have a project with multiple sections.  in the project i’d have intros and outros folders and an upload folder - if wistia built in support for the sections to have dynamic email address support (say, 12j3h!@£ - or cname) then you could simply email your video you shot into the project and have the it automatically attach an intro and an outro for that particularly project.

    it’s something for an api project me thinks.  it certainly opens up the possibility of doing pieces of video from your mobile phone (especially with the iphone5 around the corner and better optics) of recording, emailing you video content up to wistia - it top and tailing the video with intro and outro and dropping it back into your playlist embed for the main website.

    if you had multiple ‘ontheground’ people on the ground you could have different intros for the different people sending in reports and dynamic content on the outro - something like generated QR codes.  for doing some kind of realtime gaming this could be pretty awesome for a remote user to interact with.  no post production, just send up and let the cloud handle it.

  12. do you want $10,000 for making an awesome commercial for .tv

    Ever watch a commercial, or seen an online video ad and think, “I can do WAY better than that?” Well, we here at the .tv domain name want you to show us what you got and enter for a chance to win $10,000!

    Starting September 13th, upload your own .tv commercial (that runs from between 30 and 60 seconds) that tells everyone why you should Get Seen! The winning entry may also be used as part of a future online campaign on

    With millions of websites hosting web video, it’s hard for new ones to get noticed. You need a better way to get your video site to stand out by getting the domain name that best fits your needs. You need .tv the new home of video on the web.

    With a .tv domain it’s easy to let people know that your site is all about video, just by looking at your URL. Plus, you’ll get to choose from a huge inventory of domain names that will promote your brand, keep you memorable and make it easy to find you.

    If your site has a Play button, it was made for .tv
  13. the recent updates in the fibrecamp studio space

    so seeing as i have a chunk of dead time and i’m reasonably awake this morning (i’m on a train) i thought i’d give you a bit of a catchup on all things studio.

    the whiteboard paint from muraspec
    so we have not managed to apply the paint yet, after much going back and forth with ideas of how to prep the wall and ventilation of the space we have decided on making panels that we can retrofit onto the wall. that way we can paint them all in a location that has plenty of air and do a nice clean job.

    prepping the cabling v2
    i’ve just purchased a bunch of new cables and connectors for the studio in preparation for getting a mixer unit for the studio. currently we have a twin XLR mixer that works ok but it could be better. the mixer we want to get even has a compressor so that should tidy up the quality a lot.

    the carpenter is visiting soon
    as part of the wall area where the white erase paint will be we are having a custom one piece wooden slim desk that will wrap around the side wall and allow for three booth style areas.

    we got given three machines the other day for this but we might revert back to a single headless system that runs a cybercafe software that can feed these three machines (to keep the power requirements down)

    g4 tower, hdmi and new hd screen
    we are really chuffed in that we got given a free g4 tower the other day for the studio space. i’ve actually wanted to take it home to use as a blogging machine but it maybe used as a vnc terminal to start and stop wirecast remotely - we also got a new hd ready 21” monitor for the main desk which has an hdmi input.

    oh and talking about using VNC.
    if you have upgraded to LION OSX then you will need to provide your username and password instead of just the screen share password as in leopard.

    testing out boxee box finally
    as the new screen has a hdmi input it means we will finally be able to give the hardware boxee box a spin and ultimately give us time to decided how our boxee application is going to look. i’m very keen to get an app running as soon as possible for fibrecamp.

    still in the process of redesign
    i did start on redesigning the main site but i’m still not happy with certain elements and i’ve had some clashing with jquerytools and posterous so i’m having to revisit those - also very keen to get our domain up so a new design is being styled for that.

    an outside interest in fibrecamp
    more major news for fibrecamp is that we have a proposition of a business partner for the space. this would mean making fibrecamp a limited company and allow us to bring in other companies clients - the money input is welcomed to go to the next level - we are very keen on maintaining the ethos of the space however so are embracing it slowly.

    more news soon! :) by posted email about so seeing as i have a chunk of dead time and i’m reasonably awake this morning (i’m on a train) i thought i’d give you a bit of a catchup on all things studio. the whiteboard paint from muraspec so we have not managed to apply the paint yet, after much going back and forth with ideas of how to prep …
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  15. new client and a new show - presenting north-51 @fibrecamp

    managed to get phil randall in for a chat today at the fibrecamp studios about north-51 and the different departments they have at their base of biocity in nottingham.  we spoke about his new mobile division and touch briefly on the history of north-51 and the forthcoming app they are working on.

    i’m also excited to be working with north-51 on bringing a new show to the fibrecamp space as a regular technology show with alex (head of mobile team who’s interview is below) as they progress with the application development for their clients.

    i’ll also be working directly with alex on an application that i have bought to the north-51 business on which we are working out the details but it will be a boon to the social media ontheground work who blogs and makes content in this space.  working with north-51 will allow us to rapidly prototype the application and develop a relationship in building mobile applications leaving me to do what i do best.  

    create, manage, refine and distribution social content.

    i’ve had a really good week, up and down at parts but things finally seem to be coming together.  i’m super excited about another project that basically gives me a paid living to blog and make content professional for a large us company in the internet space and as soon as i’ve signed and dotted everything i’ll let you know about! by posted email about managed to get phil randall in for a chat today at the fibrecamp studios about north-51 and the different departments they have at their base of biocity in nottingham.  we spoke about his new mobile division and touch briefly on the history of north-51 and the forthcoming app they are working on. i’ …

  16. i think we can say that after 24hrs that's pretty much a day yeah?

    Aug 17, 2011 | Source:

    i’ve got something awesome to play with from keek.  i’m looking forward to giving it a good test out.  just flashing my ipod with a new firmware and i’ll be right back.