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  2. bbc radio nottingham this morning.. .

    bbc radio nottingham this morning.. . (mp3)
  3. that old thing called blogging.. .

    that old thing called blogging.. . (mp3)
  4. Vennetta Johnston @ TEDxNottingham

    Vennetta Johnston @ TEDxNottingham (mp3)
  5. it’s a beautiful, sunny morning..

    it”s a beautiful, sunny morning.. (mp3)
  6. finally gotten around to recording again in fibrecamp studios

    it seems like the longest time.

    two months since we recorded anything really in the studio for ourselves we simply hit a place where work for the new year needed planning and well everything just got really hectic as an average december month does anyway.

    we have been looking at a production schedule since we started our ‘space' at lace market house creatively wondering how we could position this idea of a social media studio rather than a ‘pay your money get your video space’ - the actual idea of an empty space creating social capital outside of the building but bringing people into the space really interests me how we connect our services, connection and working rooms into different mood settings in our brain.

    it is great to be back making again and we are just putting together a few documents and ideas for a schedule for wednesday and friday each week so we can at least have a filming guide to head for.  we are starting with two days in case the second fibrecamp two starts to get busy and we are required more there each week.  starting with one day a week of course.

    new things since two months ago are that cj is building an ammobox 2 with a variety of different equipment in it for her mobility and streaming on the go at various venues and i have been busy behind the scenes building (with a local coder) some interesting social tools which i’m coining ‘tsr’ like the old days of dos and the ‘terminate and stay resident' approach to having a process running has a faux background task.

    we now have two kicker lights above each ‘set’ and started to fully utilize the ipads we have for countdown clocks and notes while we do our shows - we managed to get this one down to ten minutes and it will be a gradual process as we tweak things.  the elgato h264 hd encoder helped a lot too here and i’m looking forward to seeing how well the new macbook pro that cj has can cope with a thunderbolt connection via hdmi.

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  7. a chat with josh russell (@joshr) from - a chat layer on

    sorry about the delay on this but i’m working through a major backlog of video, blogging and bits for clients that i’ve only just gotten around too, it’s been extremely different to get everything done but i’m back on it now, i’ve found my flow and the coffee is tasting good today!

    before i went away i managed to record an interview with josh russell (@joshr) about a project that he is working on that brings twitter a kind of ‘breakout’ chat layered on top of the twitter homepage in the bottom corner.  a simply login/auth with twitter is all that is required and anyone that is using the homepage and who has authed will be shown as a chat box bottom corner.

    this is quite useful if you have no other chat clients running and want to maybe carry on a conversation away from twitter after receiving a few tweets (twitter is not a chat client right?) i find myself sometimes thinking that being able to ‘step aside’ for a bit more of a chat without having to rely on those twitter clients to provide me with IM details a really useful asset.

    i’ll be interested to see where this goes.

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  8. restoring my faith in love by living it through the eyes of others


    the big softy.

    before he went away i asked alex about the little mini mission and surprise he was about to undertake flying out to the states to get engaged (to be married i presume!) to his sweetheart of two years. they are very much in love, seriously - it’s painful to watch (kidding!)

    it does restore the faith in that people can just bond and get along and look out for each other without the material assets of everyday life confusing each other - just wanting to be with each other and support time spent together.

    it’s kinda sweet.

    i’ll be giving ella her mummies ring when she’s a little older.. .

  9. it’s that time again, you know november. video bloggers rise up

    well that hit me like a ton of lead.

    it’s november then, that illusion month that stalks you like a rabid david blaine of mystery that vanishes quicker than the thirty days it had planned.  everyone is rolling out videos, supposed thirty seconds but i kinda missed the mark on that one.  i’ll try to do better, i promise — expect random thoughts and true videoblogger spirit(s)

    and i thought i was going to have a css/html kind of month.

    lovely to see you all again.  go go, search out the mystical #vlomo11 over there and over here too — people actually making video with a camera, finally we all remember why we bought the thing in the first place.

    i feel this november may become rather twisted.

  10. refresh friday - 14th October 2011

    refresh friday - 14th October 2011 (mp3)

  11. Chris Kocek from GSD&M

    Chris Kocek from GSD&M (mp3)
  12. struggling to make social media - maybe it’s your day to day


    i just had, a moment.

    i had a series of moments actually.  

    it started this morning, i woke up ready to go a fresh.  start a new week, a week that would get me closer to a weekend that would mean the return of my daughter for a fleeting moment and back to another week again - passing closer/nearer to a goal with the week smattered together with little fragments of little wins and slight fails.

    this morning, i had some epic wins and some slight fails.

    i got out of bed, looked at the clock and was determined to get into the office at a reasonable time, fill up my water bottle and head to the gym.  success, i made it.  i walk/run/stumble three and a bit miles over about fifty minutes.  yeah, no medals.  no great success.  but i’m doing it, i made a start - i was present and correct.

    and after seeing cj off from the train station (coffee catchup) aftering discussing the order of our days and our working week i headed back to the studio to get started.

    pumped up on energy and ready to rock i then set about the task (actually stupidly simple) of getting all the .tv wordpress domains ready to go for using the wordpress application on the ipad2 to see how goes posting video, pictures and content was ‘these’ days - i just needed to activate a feature on wordpress to enable me to post.  still surprised posterous has no ipad application.

    then i had a meeting/chat/catchup/breakout/coffee/mindmeld discussion with @lloydieJL about all things social, comedy, life and everything in between that sucks the lifeforce of life and the passion of a human being.  this all done, i headed back to the studios.

    and then i sat there.

    a bit media lost, on a monday — when i needed to step up a gear to get the most out of the day so that i could progress my circumstances to a better place.  i was out of sync.  my logical order of my day was back to front and i had added the new equation of working out.  i had consumed too much coffee which i did not really need to have and was a bit sideways.

    my epic win of starting the gym had been met with the glaring obvious of the lack of funding of the sxsweco fundraiser - bugger.   i had peaked and troughed and it was just after nine.  a weird space to be at before you actually start your day.

    that was at 2pm.  it’s now 4pm and i feel i’ve wasted half a day.  my natural corrective index therefore is now to do another 4-5 hours and kick my own arse to get things done.  i should have not sold myself the idea that the wordpress work would take a morning and i feel that unleasing of the media beast on forcing you to stop what your doing, take timeout (read, us showyou or flipboard for thirty minutes of scanning about where your not in the world and where you should be doing stuff) and then get back to it.

    sometimes having a timeout, space to breath, documenting the good, bad and indifferent can get us firing again.  we are like a car needing an mot regularly and as we hurtle into the digital domain faster and faster being able to spot the exits between the sales, pitch and content is going to be harder and harder.  

    the art of the digital media making world is not actually making the content.  it’s being able to stop and reflect and document that what makes us tick.  the story is the devil in the digital details of our everyday lives that makes us unique.  how we resolve, correct and move on make us the difference between a follower, a like or a moment that someone shares time with us remotely.

    making stuff is the food of the creative soul.  engage it!

  13. a lunch time chat at nottingham contemporary

    a lunch time chat at nottingham contemporary (mp3)