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    that’s the new cellar54 logo from james random.  nice right?

    to say that the last few months have been busy would be an understandment but i’m back now from the final mission of the year into europe (ghent, belgium) that went extremely well and actually threw up some really interesting future plans in terms of what fibrecamp spaces are all about and how they will be formed in the future.

    i’ve always had this dream that empty spaces can be re-engized and utilized for a number of things when it comes to social media.  that the empty space can be filled with some ‘popup’ media making equipment now that things are super nano sized and portable.  taking a space, adding some fast connectivity and putting together a schedule of local startups and interesting businesses that are doing things in the new landscape of the realtime on demand world of business has been a really interesting project so far.  and it’s about to get even more interesting.

    our rent is up on the fibrecamp space at lace market house at the end of this month and we are busy working on the digital advent calendar for the whole of december for my digital advocacy for watchdottv ( which is a brand advocate project funded by verisign for eight advocates from american and the uk, i’m the only european member i believe right now (which is awesome btw) - having the studio space has been brilliant to be able to vanish and record the content and have some quiet from the world to do my blogging.

    fibrecamp was never really intended to be a full on business, it was an idea — a project based around using the social networking reach of people being able to look in and see how we work, what we talk about, where technology is going, see what we do ‘ontheground’ when we cover events and how that amplification can start to engage companies and brands that need constant conversation or engagement with a handful or worldwide stage.

    we still want to support small business, not for profit and one person bands as before but we want to pick and choose who we work with, to make solid social connections with the people we get along with before we even do business.  some businesses do not gel with our approach, i guess you could say we are selective about working with people that understand the value of paying it forward and not just looking at what we do as a way to create a onesided legup opportunity.  

    creating social media is not a bolt on product that you just do to look like your up on the times with technology, it’s not playing with toys either, it’s structured partners that are injecting a sense of passion into what they work on, when it becomes like this the work simply falls away and it becomes something you love to do rather than have to do.

    money may talk in business, but voices talk louder in this social aware and connected digital landscape we are are rapidly adopting more and more each day.

    it’s still relatively a new concept to most people because most business runs on real tangible definable outcomes.  being social within a business appears to come with a requirement to measure on it.  being social with media for me does not.

    so how do you balance out the expectations of the host body? (in this case the space) i’ve noticed interesting ways that people just want to turn what the studio space is into a proper studio just so it can create wealth, the fibrecamp idea is more than just money, it’s adding to the five blocks around the area the building sits in, reconnecting the bakers, the eateries and the office workers with hyperlocal information to raise up the connectivity of the conversation in a locality.

    for me, fibrecamp is a definable emitter space of reconnecting the local community through visual engagement with conversation, chat and open platforms for people to share the good and the bad - not mask or pretend that everything is ok when things are not.  we have a real time notification platform in the form of the internet that not everybody wants to engage the same way with each other, the job and your life (and the lives of others) can get in the way of ‘finding’ out about things and nobody has really nailed that condensed window on your local world view yet.

    i’m very keen to spread out the fibrecamp concept to different destinations in the hope that in some ways we can connect them all together to show the power of local, remote and worldwide.  i’m not just talking about webcams and streaming shows — i’m talking true location twinning with interviews and conferences happening over the internet and interchanging with the different places and cultures.

    so, i’m pretty excited to tell you where fibrecamp and the plan of ‘reactivating spaces’ is going to.  we are looking at another location in nottingham near the university on friday this week and will be pursueing another location in ghent, belgium in early 2012.  that will probably be a once a month week long journey staying in an airbnb with lots of local startups talking us through their products and services.

    on the products side we are busy playing with the new cradlepoint mbr1400 for the mobility internet solution we always promised so we can do mobile fibrecamp setups on the go and we are building the second ammobox over the christmas period and in the sales.

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