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    currently looking for an awesome motion designer that will not completely kill me on getting an awesome intro designed around this awesome intro i had done by scott fletcher a few years back.  as soon as i have an intro i’m straight back recording thegravity again.  i think i should also bring back the bottle of wine per show.  that worked out pretty nice actually.

  3. belt sized.

    belt sized. (mp3)
  4. refresh friday - 14th October 2011

    refresh friday - 14th October 2011 (mp3)

  5. bbc radio nottingham ‘why does nottingham not have a public wifi cloud’

    bbc radio nottingham “why does nottingham not have a public wifi cloud” (mp3)
  6. remember it’s refreshfriday tomorrow morning at antenna, nottingham


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    hectic week.  below is the audio content from last weeks refresh friday gather at antenna on beck street between 8am/10am - remember it’s on every week and open to all plus you get 20% discount on the existing breakfast prices.  thanks to pcmcreative for recording last week while i was at lincuplive.

    a big shout out to james random for this wonderful design/poster for the new refresh friday website that we are working on.  a super simple design hosted on posterous where all the content and shoutouts for local business will be so if you miss an event you can catch up online.  we will even look about doing a live video stream over the coming months.

    enjoy! - don’t forget the tweetvite for tomorrow.


  7. refresh friday | september 9th | ‘show & tell’ no1

    refresh friday | september 9th | “show & tell” no1 (mp3)
  8. testing out the zoom h1 with AGC on

    testing out the zoom h1 with AGC on (mp3)
  9. zoom h1 recorder for use as studio backup & ontheground audio

    the zoom h1 arrived today.

    it’s a little bit more flimsy than i expect but tbh i really wanted it as a line-in device from a decent rode ntg2 microphone in rather than use with the x/y pattern.  it’s a good backup device thou and will be perfect for refreshfriday style events ‘ontheground’ for getting interviews of a higher quality than the ones on my ipod touch 4th generation.

  10. @lesanto catchup and guess who I bumped into #lul360

    @lesanto catchup and guess who I bumped into #lul360 (mp3)
  11. ecamm recorder skype recording troubles with echo sound solution


    i recorded a video earlier on skype with hans from bambuser for his 24 hr streaming event on friday which he will be documenting on his tumblr blog.

    anyway, for some reason the audio on the encoded skype interview is all echo sounding whenever i try and playback on quicktime player.  it’s perfect in vlc which suggests it’s some kind of encoding that quicktime does not like playback off. i tried to rip the audio using a bunch of standard methods and kept failing so i’ve gone about it a different way - i’ve used hijack this pro.

    i’ve been using hijack this for a bunch of years now and it’s my last to go to application to grabbing ‘anything’ i’m playing.  i really should use it more for a backup when we are doing shows and i’m going to get into a routine of capturing audio from the mixing desk into the app once we have that in place so we always have the audio from our sessions in case we do ever have issues with the video capture in the studio.

    as far as this bug all i did was set the application recording for vlc played back, hijacked the audio stream and recorded then pulled the encoded .mp3 file straight into imovie and matched up the audio in time with the video.  i’ve been looking at final cut pro x which all the old skool final cut editors hate but looks more like imovie to me - the feature of audio mixing an external source to sync with video looks perfect for my needs.  it’s £200 for the software but it’s on the list! :)

  12. audioboo | my profile

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