1. 'will we be smart as our cities?' - tonight @cybrsalon - still tickets available. grab em quick #shoreditchrocks

  2. don’t forget to grab your tickets for tuesday this week if your interested in smart cities -

  3. I’ll be taking this on my red arrow buses from now on — fixing tables, £1 a time #derby

  4. Buddy’s bourbon beer!

  5. wired goes all polkaspot – cloud monitored wifi

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  6. Ghost town..

  7. I’ve shared 7,998 memories with my friends on Path - see them now at!

  8. making… yay. (at Screen 22 Cinema)

  9. looks like a frame.. . (at Screen 22 Cinema)

  10. It’s #vlomo month - national video blogging month #vlomo13

  11. oh hai i hear new audio sounds

  12. so tonight sushi night fever.. (at Jack Craggs)